Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Purring

Air Conditioning

When you turn on the air conditioning the first time this season, make sure you are getting maximum efficiency from it. The following steps will make sure that you can enjoy a cool house for years to come.

One of the easiest ways to ensure an efficiently purring air conditioner is by swapping out to a new air filter regularly. Go ahead and check it every month. This way you can determine how often you need to change the filter. Some households only require twice yearly while others may involve more frequent monthly changes.

Even if it does not require replacement, cleaning the air filter quarterly is one way to keep it clean in the meantime, between replacements. Dirt is … read more

Improving Your Insulation Is the Key to Lower HVAC Bills

In most Canadian homes, heating and air conditioning are the leading power consumers.  This is hard for a cash-strapped homeowner to swallow, but the simple fact of the matter is that keeping the home at a comfortable temperature is an absolute necessity for most parts of the year. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about high energy bills, though! Making sure your home has the insulation it needs is a great way to keep your power consumption down to a minimum.

Are You Wasting Your HVAC Power?

There’s no sensible reason to spend money heating or cooling air if you’re going to let it escape from your home, is there? The power that you use up conditioning air … read more

Resolving Heating Disputes with Your Family Members

It’s sad, but it’s true – not all of those who share a home have similar room temperatures. Worse yet, oftentimes, a minor disagreement with a roommate or family member over heat can turn into serious, full-fledged arguments. There are ways to deal with heating disputes, however, so instead of living in constant conflict, read on and check out these tips on how to find solutions which will leave everyone happy.

Avoid Stress In Your Relationship

Conflict over temperature indoors tends to pop up along gender lines – women tend to have a slower metabolic rate than men, making them feel more cold (according to a recent study, frigid air conditioned offices are designed to accommodate preferences of men, leaving … read more

Go Online to Learn More About Your HVAC

Is your HVAC system giving you problems? Do you know what to do to fix the issue? Because problems with your heating and air conditioning system can crop up seemingly overnight, it is a good idea to have an HVAC and plumbing company that you can call in a pinch. However, the reality is that most people don’t have a company that they can call when things go wrong. They may not have thought to establish a relationship ahead of time or they may not have a reliable company in mind. If you are searching for a technician to fix your system, go online. It is the best place to find information related to your HVAC system unit.

How The … read more