Cool It Down!

Cooling is a bit more complicated than heating. Heating involves using energy to create heat and release warmth. Cooling, on the other hand, involves the use of energy to take away the heat. A compressor cycle is the most commonly used by air conditioning air conditioning systems to transfer heat from the indoors to outdoors. This is similar to what refrigerators use in keeping our food and liquids cool. Cooling systems have given us a lot of benefits. Not only are they beneficial in keeping us cool, they also help us in maintaining our machineries. Cooling systems prevent machineries from malfunctioning and overheating. This is why a lot of companies spend a fair amount of money in keeping their cooling … read more

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

You can no longer ignore the fact that more people prefer to stay indoors now. Many no longer both to go outside when they accomplish the same things, if not more, from the comforts of their own homes. They can study or work, connect with family, friends, and colleagues, shop, or just about everything as long as you have a great Internet connection and a computer or a smart device with you. The hours will just pass by and you won’t even notice it. There is even no such thing as the word “boring” anymore because there are countless things you can do on your own. It also means the average person spends longer time indoors.

Homeowners make it their … read more

Heat and Coolness from Within

Energy is very vital in our daily lives. It powers our appliances, gadgets, heating and cooling systems, vehicles and a lot more that require energy to operate. The thing about energy is that it can neither be created nor destroyed, thus, we cannot produce or create new energy and the energy that currently exists cannot be destroyed. They can only be replenished and renewed over time. We humans rely on renewable and non-renewable energy resources.

Coal, nuclear, oil and natural gas are available in limited supplies, as they are what we call non-renewable energy resources. They take a much longer time to replenish compare to that of renewable energy resources Renewable energy resources on the other hand, are those that … read more

Clean HVAC without Damaging Nature

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System is one of the many wonders that technology has brought to the world. These wonders range from simple things, such as mobile phones, to much more complex forms, like machineries and automobiles. Technology made communication easier, transportation faster, decreased production time of different manufacturing companies and many more.

Your HVAC system might malfunction and not be able to give you the comfort you need. It is for this reason that we need to be mindful of all the changes in behavior of our HVAC systems. The mere discrepancies and inconsistencies in how it performs like unusual smells and sounds may already be an indication that there is a much bigger threat or … read more

Warm and Clean by Pumping the Heat!

Temperatures rise and fall, they vary and change over time and seasons. It is never constant, and so heat pumps are created to adapt to these changes in the surroundings. They were made to regulate the environment indoors and outdoors. Its purpose is to maintain the balance that the human body needs despite the changing temperatures. Not to mention, it is energy efficient and could be considered as an energy-saving alternative too.

Humidity in your homes actually plays bigger roles than you think. They can affect your comfort in ways that you wouldn’t normally believe. A lot of people may feel annoyed with how Florida’s temperatures constantly rise and fall especially how humid it is during hot summers, but humidity … read more

A Guide to How a Split Air Conditioner Works

Just as the heating of a home is necessary during colder months, an air conditioning system is needed during the warmer months.  While warmer air can be enjoyable after very cold temperatures, increased temperatures can cause discomfort and higher levels of humidity.  To manage these issues, it is recommended that you install an air conditioning system known as a split air conditioner.


The split air conditioner is unique in that it separates the temperature from the humidity during operation.  It presents as two different units with an indoor and outdoor part.  The indoor item has a blower with evaporation and the outdoor item consists of compressors and condenser coils.  Despite being separate, these two units do work together … read more

Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Purring

Air Conditioning

When you turn on the air conditioning the first time this season, make sure you are getting maximum efficiency from it. The following steps will make sure that you can enjoy a cool house for years to come.

One of the easiest ways to ensure an efficiently purring air conditioner is by swapping out to a new air filter regularly. Go ahead and check it every month. This way you can determine how often you need to change the filter. Some households only require twice yearly while others may involve more frequent monthly changes.

Even if it does not require replacement, cleaning the air filter quarterly is one way to keep it clean in the meantime, between replacements. Dirt is … read more

Improving Your Insulation Is the Key to Lower HVAC Bills

In most Canadian homes, heating and air conditioning are the leading power consumers.  This is hard for a cash-strapped homeowner to swallow, but the simple fact of the matter is that keeping the home at a comfortable temperature is an absolute necessity for most parts of the year. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about high energy bills, though! Making sure your home has the insulation it needs is a great way to keep your power consumption down to a minimum.

Are You Wasting Your HVAC Power?

There’s no sensible reason to spend money heating or cooling air if you’re going to let it escape from your home, is there? The power that you use up conditioning air … read more

Resolving Heating Disputes with Your Family Members

It’s sad, but it’s true – not all of those who share a home have similar room temperatures. Worse yet, oftentimes, a minor disagreement with a roommate or family member over heat can turn into serious, full-fledged arguments. There are ways to deal with heating disputes, however, so instead of living in constant conflict, read on and check out these tips on how to find solutions which will leave everyone happy.

Avoid Stress In Your Relationship

Conflict over temperature indoors tends to pop up along gender lines – women tend to have a slower metabolic rate than men, making them feel more cold (according to a recent study, frigid air conditioned offices are designed to accommodate preferences of men, leaving … read more

Go Online to Learn More About Your HVAC

Is your HVAC system giving you problems? Do you know what to do to fix the issue? Because problems with your heating and air conditioning system can crop up seemingly overnight, it is a good idea to have an HVAC and plumbing company that you can call in a pinch. However, the reality is that most people don’t have a company that they can call when things go wrong. They may not have thought to establish a relationship ahead of time or they may not have a reliable company in mind. If you are searching for a technician to fix your system, go online. It is the best place to find information related to your HVAC system unit.

How The … read more