Warm and Clean by Pumping the Heat!

Temperatures rise and fall, they vary and change over time and seasons. It is never constant, and so heat pumps are created to adapt to these changes in the surroundings. They were made to regulate the environment indoors and outdoors. Its purpose is to maintain the balance that the human body needs despite the changing temperatures. Not to mention, it is energy efficient and could be considered as an energy-saving alternative too.

Humidity in your homes actually plays bigger roles than you think. They can affect your comfort in ways that you wouldn’t normally believe. A lot of people may feel annoyed with how Florida’s temperatures constantly rise and fall especially how humid it is during hot summers, but humidity – although annoying- can be advantageous to us especially during the winter season. The humidity changes and drops during the cooler times of the year make the atmosphere colder. You can make use of humidity to warm up your home by using a humidifier which traps heat from the moisture it collects.

Whenever your home needs constant cleaning or dusting to make it dust free and squeaky clean, there are things you can do on how to get rid of the dust particles that always bothers you.

When operating properly, your heat pump should be relatively silent. If you’re hearing any type of loud noise emitting from the system, it’s time to turn to a professional. Keep an ear out for strange sounds, and always schedule a repair as soon as possible when you notice something is wrong. Ignoring an off sound and waiting for it to get louder will only result in a more expensive and challenging fix when you call for help.

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If you want to cool more than one room in your home, you’ll need a multi-zone ductless system. There are many multi-zone ductless heat pumps that can support up to nine indoor zones, which means a single outdoor compressor can heat and cool separate zones throughout your home.

Not all homes need air duct cleaning, but some do. If a home is dusty no matter how much it is cleaned, it is an indication of dirty ducts. An HVAC specialist needs to strip the inner walls of your air ducts of substances that make homes dirty.

Dust can build up in HVAC systems, leading to costly problems. Condensing units and coils can even be destroyed if infiltrated by too much dust.

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Air leaks found in ductwork in the home can cause pre-conditioned air loss up to 20 percent. These leaks let the air that has been preconditioned and treated to escape and leave behind unclean and untreated air. Thus, in time these unclean air that carries dust, allergens, and many more air pollutants makes the air ducts grimy. An HVAC technician can treat and seal the leak to enjoy a cleaner, air-conditioned and dust-free atmosphere.

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