What Appliances Should You Be Buying Warranties For?

Allstar Appliance Repair BirminghamIt’s your right to be worried about what warranties you are buying. The horror stories told by HVAC companies are all true. In most cases, all that you are actually purchasing is just a piece of paper.

However, in some cases, a warranty is one of the smarter purchases as some appliances are generally known for breaking down within 5 years.

Here we will discuss the right way to purchase a warranty. We will also let you know about the appliances that are the most commonly repaired, and the ones that cost the most to fix. We have on average 25 technicians in 8 to 12 homes on a daily basis, so our understanding of repairs is better than most.

But to begin with, we need to give you a bit of a perspective.

My 30 Years Involved in Not Selling And Selling Warranties

31 years back we were not … read more