Steps to Unclogging Your Clogged Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is one of the highest traffic areas in your house. You prepare meals there, wash dishes, get water for cleaning and a host of other tasks involve the sink. Well it’s no wonder then that from time to time your kitchen sink drain will slow down or become completely clogged. If that happens, here are the steps to get the problem of your clogged kitchen sink resolved.

Step 1 – Try using hot water to free the clog

If you are like most people you may not take the time to always put your cooking grease into a container and then put it in the trash. It is so convenient to just run hot water and let … read more

Problems with High Humidity

High humidity can actually make us feel either hot and sticky or cool and sticky especially during the warm summer months. Moreover, it gives off a distinctive odor in your home. When we cut down the air temperature and invest in cooling to fight off that “sticky” feeling, the results can be “cold and sodden.”

Most of us think high humidity only happens during summer but the most critical times of the year where the high humidity becomes an issue is during spring and fall when temperatures are more or less stable (times when cooling is not required) and outside humidity levels are high.

Indoor humidity can’t be sufficiently or adequately controlled with a ventilation system/cooling system alone. While various … read more

Pet Dander – Indoor Air Quality Disturbance

A lot of people have pets as their companions at home and some even treat them as their own children whom they love so much and cannot live without. These pets are not only mere animals who accompany them but they are a big part of the lives of many animal lovers. They may even have their own private spaces in certain parts of the house, so they don’t feel like an outsider.

Most pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even mice have furs which make them extra cute, extra fluffy and extra lovable and huggable. Due to their fluffiness, their owners can’t resist to hug them all the time. However, excessive fur circulating in the house may … read more